Department of School Board Secretaries and Affiliates (DSBSA)
More than the district record-keeper, the board secretary also ensures district compliance with legal requirements, handles contentious situations, responds to the needs of board members and the public. Managing the many hats worn by board secretaries is challenging. Your association wants nothing more than to see you succeed by helping you carry out your legislated duties, overcome your board’s challenges and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with improving students’ chances to succeed. (See Resources for additional DSBSA resources)

Pennsylvania Association of Education Office Professionals (PAEOP)
A professional society founded in 1937, the Pennsylvania Association of Education Office Professionals (PAEOP) is a member-supported organization dedicated to the professional growth and recognition of educational office professionals as members of the education management team. (

Pennsylvania Association of Career and Technical Administrators (PACTA)
Members are public vocational-technical school administrators; joined PSBA as a department in 1988. The immediate past president serves in nonvoting status on the board.  (

Pupil Transportation Association of Pennsylvania (PTAP)
Members are individuals involved in coordinating and supervising pupil transportation services. President is a voting member of the board. (

Pennsylvania School Board Solicitors Association (PSBSA)
PSBSA membership provides, at a remarkably-low cost, access to essential tools needed to ensure their public education clients get top-shelf legal advice and representation. Members know that the information they can access through PSBSA membership — getting a head start on issues, help avoiding “reinventing the wheel,” and learning what is going on in other districts — can save their clients significant amounts in annual legal costs. Many believe that these potential savings can easily equate to several times the cost of their client entity's annual PSBA dues.