Formed in 1963 as a department of PSBA, the Pennsylvania School Board Solicitors Association (PSBSA) is among the nation’s largest and most active state associations of school attorneys. First organized to improve legal services to school boards, the PSBSA accomplishes this through conferences and publications, providing a venue for solicitors to share ideas and expertise and keeping members informed of case law, legislation and issues in education law impacting public schools.

The PSBSA is an collegial group of professionals with an uncommon tradition of willingness to share expertise, experience and useful materials, whether during seminars, in ad hoc issue-specific working groups, in articles written for PSBA publications, via email discussions or on the telephone. Members particularly value their ability to consult with PSBA staff attorneys about issues they encounter, getting a head start on analysis and research, learning about approaches used in similar situations in other school districts, receiving mailed, faxed or emailed sample forms or documents from PSBA reference files, or simply brainstorming strategies and testing theories or arguments.

Professional development

PSBSA sponsors CLE events each year focused on topics of special significance to the practice of school law, with a lineup of highly regarded speakers featuring Pennsylvania's best known experts in various areas of school law practice.

  • Summer Solicitors’ Symposium — this day-and-a-half program held each July in State College usually offers 7.5 hours of Pa. CLE credit; 6.5 substantive hours and one ethics hour.
  • Fall School Law Workshop — a full-day program held in conjunction with the PASA-PSBA School Leadership Conference. This program usually offers 5.5 substantive hours of CLE credit.
  • Live CLE Webinars – To accommodate changes in gatherings and event cancellations, stemming from COVID-19 health and safety precautions, PSBA is offering a series of live CLE webinars on numerous current topics affecting school law practice.
  • Annual Spring Legal Roundup, which is held at various locations statewide March through April and offers 3 hours of substantive CLE credit.

Become a member

Under current bylaws, membership is open to firms or individual attorneys who serve as appointed solicitor for a school district board of directors or the board of another public school entity eligible for PSBA membership (intermediate units, area vocational schools and community colleges). Member benefits include:

  • The biweekly School Law EDition e-newsletter. This publication includes summaries of and links to the complete text of cases and arbitration decisions, as well as supplementary information on other important school law issues.
  • PSBA Daily EDition electronic newsletter.
  • Online access to the PSBA Bulletin, PSBA's award-winning magazine, including “It's the Law,” a column written by PSBA General Counsel Michael I. Levin, Esq., discussing legal concepts and problems of significance to local school district governance.
  • Participation in the School Solicitors Monthly Exchanges – a complimentary networking program for members that provides a convenient, regular opportunity for solicitors to “gather” virtually to brainstorm and compare notes on school law issues they are dealing with.
  • Email alerts on issues and important developments in school law.
  • PSBA member rates for attendance at PSBA conferences and programs as well as books including the School Law Handbook.
  • Access to PSBA subject matter reference information and consultation with PSBA staff attorneys.

Non-solicitor school attorney subscription

A non-solicitor school attorney subscription package is also available to firms or attorneys who, while not appointed solicitors, represent public school entities and officials as defense counsel, labor counsel or other special counsel, or who are counsel to charter schools. Subscribers receive the same comprehensive PSBA publications package as Solicitors Association members, attendance at PSBA programs at member rates and participation in selected e-mail updates.

Member dues

  • Solicitors Association membership dues for the current calendar year — $325
  • Non-solicitor school attorney subscription package — $425

Enrollment form

Complete your membership enrollment form online or download and submit a paper copy.
(updated November 2021)

2023 Officers & Board


President: Benjamin L. Pratt, Esq., Saxton & Stump

President-Elect: Amy H.T. Brooks, Esq., Wisler Pearlstine

Secretary: Christina L. Lane, Esq., Maiello Brungo & Maiello

Immediate Past President & Nominating Committee Chair: Rachel K. Lozosky, Esq., Peacock Keller

Sectional Directors

    • Section W-1: Gregory J. Merkel, Esq., Dale Woodard Gent McFate
    • Section W-2: Megan M. Turnbull, Esq., Weiss Burkardt Kramer
    • Section W-3: Jocelyn P. Kramer, Esq., Weiss Burkardt Kramer
    • Section W-4: Barbara A. Graham, Esq., Peacock Keller
    • Section C-1: Christopher R. Lantz, Esq., Cox Stokes & Lantz
    • Section C-2: Orris C. Knepp, III, Esq., Knepp & Snook
    • Section C-3: William J. Zee, Esq., Appel Yost & Zee
    • Section C-4: Carl D. Beard, Esq., Beard Legal Group
    • Section E-1: David F. Conn, Esq., Sweet Stevens Katz & Williams
    • Section E-2: Jonathan Huerta, Esq., King Spry Herman Freund & Faul
    • Section E-3: Brian F. Boland, Esq., Kozloff Stoudt
    • Section E-4: Peter C. Amuso, Esq., Rudolph Clarke

Ex Officio Members

Nathan G. Mains, PSBA Chief Executive Officer
Michael I. Levin, Esq., PSBA General Counsel
Stuart L. Knade, Esq., PSBA Chief Legal Officer


For more information, contact PSBA Legal Services Coordinator Jo Mundis at 717-590-5645 or