Your interest in public education’s success continues beyond your term of service as a school director. PSBA invites you to stay connected and involved with your professional association beyond your years of service as a school director through the complimentary PSBA Alumni Forum.

As a PSBA alumnus, you have years of experience and insight into the workings of public education and school boards. Advocacy is a great way to continue promoting public education since legislators value your opinions as a former elected official. Take your knowledge and commitment to join forces with other members of the Alumni Forum after your official board service has concluded.

Benefits of the complimentary Alumni Forum include:

  • Electronic access to the PSBA Bulletin, the leading public education magazine in Pennsylvania, via personal email
  • Legislative information pertaining to public education, via personal email
  • PSBA’s Daily EDition e-newsletter, via personal email
  • Special access to one dedicated annual briefing

Please consider using your knowledge and commitment to public education and join efforts with other members of the Alumni Forum.

Join today! For more information, contact Senior Manager for Governance and Leadership Support Sherri Houck, coordinator of the Alumni Forum, at 717-590-5624.

PSBA Alumni Forum Registration