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As the first school boards association in the nation, PSBA has provided Pennsylvania's school board directors and school leaders with services, advocacy and counsel for nearly 130 years. With the unified voice of more than 6,000 members, advocates and partners, PSBA is dedicated to promoting and fighting for exceptional public education for Pennsylvania's 1.7 million public school students. 

Whether you’re a veteran school board director who has participated in live events and become familiar with our staff, or you’re in your first years of service, we want to remind you how PSBA can be a partner to your district and support you in your role as a school board director. 

Explore the webpage below to hear PSBA staff talk about how we can partner with your district, explore our services in more detail and read what others are saying about their experience with PSBA.

Penn School Safety Institute logo
Founded in 2022, the Pennsylvania School Safety Institute (PennSSI) provides safety training, resources and information to school districts and law enforcement across the commonwealth. PennSSI provides hands-on training for dealing with emerging security threats that may occur in school buildings, district property and other locations where students may be present. Using both a 360-degree augmented reality simulator and an eight-room interactive simulator, participants can practice responses to a variety of scenarios. District leadership, professional and support staff can utilize de-escalation techniques as they confront a variety of scenarios.
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Exclusive services

PSBA supports school leaders with specific district needs through crisis communications services, energy solutions and offerings from endorsed program providers.

Legal services

The PSBA legal team is focused on helping school boards and their local counsel understand and comply with the Pennsylvania Public School Code and address questions on other school legal matters.
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Required School Director Training

As the only statewide provider approved by the PA Department of Education, PSBA provides members with required new and advanced school director training. New School Director Training provides foundational knowledge for newly elected school directors, offering participants training on key laws, policies and processes that guide school board governance and leadership. Advanced School Director Training offers elevated content for reelected directors.
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Government affairs

PSBA is dedicated to protecting and growing public education at the state and federal level. At 6,000+ members strong, led by a team of ambassadors spread across the state, PSBA has enormous potential to raise its collective voice. Advocacy engagement has flourished this year, with 52 meet-and-greets with freshman legislators, more than 50 Show Them What It Takes visits from legislators to schools, and more than 460 school district boards have passed a charter funding resolution.

Professional development

PSBA supports school boards in strengthening their communities by offering content that covers mental health and wellness, community partnerships, and dignity and belonging.
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Policy services

PSBA provides members with professionally written and legally referenced policies that are tailored to an individual school entity and economically priced. PSBA’s policy services team provides districts with policy management and maintenance as well as administrative regulations.
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HR services

PSBA offers comprehensive HR services, including job vacancy postings, compensation studies, job description development services, executive and superintendent search services, staffing studies, and superintendent evaluations.
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Affordable insurance

PSBA Insurance offers specialized products designed to address the needs and concerns of Pennsylvania public schools, delivered to our members with personalized customer service.
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PSBA offers members a variety of live education and networking events throughout the year. Upcoming events can be viewed through the events calendar.
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Through your district's PSBA membership, you also receive access to COSSBA, a voluntary, non-partisan federation of state school boards associations.
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School Board Secretaries Forum

The PSBA School Board Secretaries Forum provides networking and professional development opportunities to help you do your job more effectively and efficiently.
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Member communications

PSBA supports members with an array of newsletters, video programs and other communication channels, which provide vital and timely information on topics affecting public education. Archives of many member communications can be found on myPSBA.
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