The Perkins Innovation and Modernization (PIM) Program focuses on high schools preparing their students to be successful in future careers and providing students with innovative opportunities to earn college credits as well as gaining career experiences. Applicants are encouraged to connect their design of these programs of study with the ‘‘guided pathway’’ reform effort among community colleges and other broad-access public institutions of higher education (IHEs) to reorganize course offerings into clearly defined course sequences within ‘‘meta-majors’’ that are mapped to in- demand careers.

  • This competition includes three absolute priorities (1) Career-Connected High Schools, (2) Promoting Equity in Student Access to Educational Resources and Opportunities, (3) Rural Communities and two competitive preference priorities (1) Partnership Applications, (2) Serving Students from Families with Low Incomes.
  • Eligible entities include a consortium of educational agencies (including LEAs, SEAs, IHEs, Tribal education agencies, etc.), business/industry partners, and community stakeholders.
  • Approximately $24,250,000 is available for FY 23 for 10 to 20 awards. A cost match of 50% is required.
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged but not required to submit a notice of intent to apply by September 13, 2023. Full applications are to be submitted by October 13, 2023.
  • This program typically funds every three years.

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