The Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) is pleased to announce Rhithm as an endorsed program provider.

Rhithm allows educators to bring data, effective regulation practices, and well-being lessons into districts without interfering with academic goals. Their services provide an opportunity for all students to be seen and heard by creating a safe platform that makes it easy to share feelings and receive help in real time. The information gained through Rhithm empowers counselors, social workers, support staff, and leaders to increase their awareness, efficacy, and efficiency through evidence-based driven decision-making.

“As a former clinician and CEO of Rhithm, I am thrilled that we have the opportunity to offer Rhithm to more students and staff in Pennsylvania schools through the endorsed partnership program with PSBA,” said Rhithm CEO Josh Knutson. “I know that in order for learning to take place, an emphasis needs to be placed on student and staff wellness. My goal with Rhithm is simple – to bring well-being to the larger education system and to positively impact the lives of as many students and educators as possible. Through our partnership with PSBA, we can work together to make that happen for all Pennsylvania students and educators.”

To equip students with skills for the future, Rhithm’s team of clinicians works to create individualized activities that encourage students to engage their whole body, practice healthier habits, and rewire their brain for lasting change. The quick and simple routines offered through the platform encourage healthy mental health practices at an early age.

“Student well-being and academic success go hand in hand. When a student is emotionally well, their learning benefits,” said PSBA CEO Nathan Mains. “Through our partnership with Rhithm, districts will be able to garner data from their students and use it to enhance their school climate, health and safety.”

In addition to addressing student mental health, Rhithm provides district personnel with risk alerts and tools to disseminate school climate assessments, skill and competency surveys, and customizable questionnaires.

PSBA member districts that are interested in learning how this partnership can benefit your district should contact Jeff Zwiebel at or (817) 618-5160. Additional information about Rhithm can be found on their partner page.

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