Mister Rogers was a learning scientist, and his approach with children was certainly ahead of his time. Today, learning scientists are focusing on the same things Mister Rogers taught children through the lens of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” — things like developing curiosity, finding creative solutions, communication skills, collaboration, and self-acceptance, how to be a good friend and a loving person. These are the tools now scientifically proven to be essential to children’s success and well-being, and they are up to 10 times more accurate at predicting a child’s success than a test score or grades. 

In a new book highlighting these findings, authors Gregg Behr and Ryan Rydzewski are reintroducing Mister Rogers and his teachings to today’s children, parents and educatorssharing with a new generation the power of curiosity through creativity. The authors discuss their book, essential learning tools and more with host Annette Stevenson on a recent episode of Keystone Education Radio.  

Find this and other episodes of Keystone Education Radio at keyedradio.org. 

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