This week Rep. Curt Sonney (R-Erie), chairman of the House Education Committee, issued a co-sponsorship memo for legislation he is introducing to ensure that charter school payments are accurate. The proposal reflects one of the key recommendations in PSBA’s Charter School Task Force report.  PSBA worked with Chairman Sonney to introduce the bill and we thank him for pushing this critical issue forward.

The bill, which does not yet have a number, would ensure that payments due to a charter school are accurate, as well as update the process used to reconcile the payments due to a charter school from school districts, including addressing any disputes that arise. Under the proposal, the PA Department of Education (PDE) would be required to verify the accuracy of a charter school request for subsidy redirection and hold off on any redirection if the request is inaccurate or incomplete. School districts would be notified prior to any subsidy redirection and have the right to an appeal. PDE would also be required to resolve appeals in a timely manner. To ensure that school district payments, and any subsidy redirections to charter schools are accurate, this bill would also ensure that charter schools properly record and maintain proof of enrollment and proof of residency.

PSBA is asking school officials to urge their legislators in the House of Representatives to sign on as a co-sponsor to Rep. Sonney’s proposal. Click here to learn more about the bill and share with your legislator.

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