PSBA is asking you to contact your state senators right now to oppose two bills – a charter reform plan and a school voucher program – that are scheduled for a vote today by the Senate Education Committee. Both bills were introduced late last week and hastily scheduled for a vote:

  • Senate Bill 1, (Sen. Martin, R-Lancaster) is a charter school reform proposal as well as an automatic Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program funding escalator. Although the bill contains provisions which increase charter school transparency and accountability, it does not provide funding reform and would create a statewide charter authorizing commission that removes local control at district and taxpayer expense.
  • Senate Bill 733 (Sen. Ward, R-Blair) creates the Education Opportunity Account Scholarship (EOAS) program, the latest attempt to establish an education voucher program in the commonwealth that would cost taxpayers as much as $600 million according to estimates. It de-funds public schools and sets the stage for a far more expansive tuition voucher program in the future.

Please contact your senator right now using the two letters that PSBA has prepared on each issue:

Click here  to send a letter to your senator opposing Senate Bill 1.

Click here  to send a letter to your senator opposing Senate Bill 733.

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