Did you know there are more than 66,000 direct jobs associated with recycling in Pennsylvania? Recycling in Pennsylvania means business — it means jobs for our neighbors, friends and relatives, and over $22 billion annually in economic gains that are contributed to the gross state product. Recycling is an integral part of our Pennsylvania economy.

Meet a few leaders behind the commonwealth’s recycling industry in a recent episode of Keystone Education Radio. Host Annette Stevenson speaks with Jennifer Summers and Shelly Dreese of Professional Recyclers of PA (PROP), along with Larry Holley, Division Chief of Waste Minimization and Planning for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). They discuss how PROP and DEP serve residents, school leaders and recyclers across the state, as well as the environmental and financial impacts of recycling.

Listen to this and other episodes at keyedradio.org.

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