Today, the Senate Education Committee is expected to consider Senate Bill 73 (Sen. Langerholc, R-Cambria), the mandate waiver proposal drafted by PSBA. The bill would establish a program to allow public schools to apply to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) for a waiver of many, but not all, state-imposed mandates. Certain laws and regulations would not be waivable, such as those relating to student health and safety, academic standards and assessments, special education, protected handicapped students, gifted education, student attendance, professional educator conduct standards, among others.

TAKE ACTION! PSBA is asking members to contact their senators now and ask for their support for Senate Bill 73. Broad mandate relief is an integral part of reforming public education and can save school districts and taxpayers money and result in more efficient operation. Thank you for your advocacy efforts!

Click here for talking points and more information on Senate Bill 73.
Click here for contact information for your senator.

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