Otto Voit, school board director for Muhlenberg School District has been selected by the PSBA Governing Board as their endorsed candidate to serve on the PSERS Board of Trustees. If elected, he will represent the interests of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association membership and all public school districts statewide. By unanimous vote, the board approved Voit for the endorsement based on his extensive financial and leadership expertise, along with his volunteer involvement in both PSBA leadership and the PA School District Liquid Asset Fund board. Voit is a former PSBA treasurer and former chairman and current trustee on the PA School District Liquid Asset Fund board, which oversees investments of more than $7 billion in public fund assets on behalf of local education agencies and municipal entities.

He is currently the chief financial officer for Natural Food Group, an international packaging and food distribution company. His professional experiences and career roles have included CFO and president for an international manufacturing corporation, CFO for an Inc 500 company, as well as a software development company where he was also a partner. An interview with Voit will be hosted by PSBA CEO Nathan Mains on Video Edition on Thursday, December 17, 2020.


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