There were many unknowns when school began this academic year. Now months into the school year, districts are still adjusting scheduleas COVID-19 cases continue to rise. While the goal of these schedule changes is to keep all teachers, students and families safe, it causes disruptions that ripple into families, workplaces and communities. Many communities are now reaching the threshold that would be ground for moving away from in-person learning. In a recent article from KDKA, Matt Edgell from the Pennsylvania State Education Association discussed the tole that moving between learning models is having on teachers. Edgell said, “Basically, I would say overall, everybody’s doing the best they can with the information that they have. You’ve got to keep educating the kids. I’d say on a case-by-case basis, district by district basis, they’re just doing the best they can.” PSBA continues to offer resources and support as districts respond to the rising COVID-19 cases and subsequent changes in operations and instructional plans.

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