Under the new Act 84 of 2020, recently approved by the governor, school districts must publish on their websites an email address for each school director that can be used by students, staff or members of the public to communicate with members of the school board about school district governance matters.  As the legislation was moving through the General Assembly, PSBA worked to have the bill amended to also make the provisions applicable to charter school and cyber charter school board trustees. 
The email addresses must be available on an easily found public area of each district's website no later than June 26, 2021. The legislation imposes the same requirement for members of charter school boards of trustees. This new mandate adds one more reason for PSBA's recommendation that school board members use only district-provided email accounts to communicate via email regarding school district matters. To learn more about recommendations for using email and other electronic community engagement tools, watch “Best Practices in Digital Communications,” one of the many e-learning courses available in the online learning area of the MyPSBA website.

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