PSBA is pleased to report that legislation to protect student victims of sexual assault was passed by the House last week and is headed to the governor.  Senate Bill 530 (Sen. Martin, R-Lancaster) requires schools to remove any student convicted or adjudicated delinquent of sexual assault against another student enrolled at the same school. The school district would be required to expel, transfer or reassign the offender to another school or educational program. 
The school entity must ensure that the convicted/adjudicated student is not educated in the same school building, transported on the same school vehicle, or participating in the same school-sponsored activities as the student victim. 
PSBA believes this bill gives schools flexibility in protecting and ensuring that students who are the victim of a sexual assault by another student at their school are not re-victimized by seeing their attacker every day at school.  The association worked with the bill's sponsor, leadership and other stakeholders to improve this legislation and supported it through its passage in the Senate and House.

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