PSBA recently sent to all members of the General Assembly a new Closer Look publication that fully explains public schools' need for temporary safe harbor protections from opportunistic lawsuits that seek to take advantage of the COVID-19 emergency. Time is running out to pass this legislation this year and it is urgently needed!

The Closer Look explains why schools may not be fully covered from immunity protections under current law, even as they are working hard to resume in-person instruction and implement the guidance from federal, state and local health authorities. However, there are two key exceptions to this immunity, the scope of which have been expanded by recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court decisions, that have public schools concerned as in-person instruction resumes while the COVID-19 pandemic lingers. 

Your continued advocacy on this issue is needed. Click here to send this new, updated letter to your members of the Senate and House of Representatives. Tell your legislators that schools need enhanced protections during this time from frivolous or opportunistic lawsuits alleging exposure to the virus. This is not the same letter that PSBA made available earlier, so we ask that you please take action again. 

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