I have been fortunate to find a calling that I truly enjoy and that gives me a sense of purpose. I find that in my school board service. It fulfills my need to give back to my community. For this I am a proud member of the FASD school board. Being a member of the Governing Board of PSBA has allowed me to be a part of something larger and to give back in another way. Serving the role of Vice President would allow me to immerse myself even further into school board service. I believe that public education is corner stone for our communities. A member of my local board has said on a few occasions “not everyone parents like you do” in reference to parents not always providing the best they can for their children. This is my reason for what I do. I want to do everything I can to help those children who need the board to fight for them, when their parents don't. This is what I plan to accomplish in my tenure. I want to do what's best for our students, so they can graduate with the best possible education.



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