I wish to serve in the Western At-Large position as I would be a voting member on the Governing Board which leads to change. I believe in Public Education. It should be a birthright that each child in this nation receives the tools and resources for a successful future, regardless of their socioeconomic standing. It requires great organization, collaboration, and communication of all stakeholders. The research, information, and advocation the PSBA provides will enable this birthright to prosper. As a positive communicator, I will ensure that school directors will actively engage in the materials provided by PSBA. When we all have the vision, awareness, and actively seek knowledge then and only then can we truly advocate success for all students. What I hope to accomplish is to ensure that no students are lost in an isolated cyber world where poor education takes place in a non-transparent environment that takes millions of dollars from public education. I am passionate about public education and want to serve the children of this nation to become successful men and women with hopes and dreams that come true!

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