School boards have until Tuesday, June 30 to help shape PSBA's advocacy agenda by submitting proposals to be considered for the 2021 Legislative Platform. All proposals must be approved by your board and submitted to PSBA by the deadline. 
All submissions will be reviewed by the PSBA Platform Committee on Saturday, August 1 and receive final consideration by the PSBA Delegate Assembly on Saturday, November 7. 
Click here for guidelines and submission forms Please make sure you are submitting proposals electronically and not through the regular postal mail.  
June 30 is also the deadline for individual school board directors to complete the survey to determine PSBA's legislative priorities for the upcoming 2021-22 session of the General Assembly. All school directors were emailed a survey asking them to rate various legislative issues. The survey results will be presented to the Platform Committee and recommendations will be presented to the Delegate Assembly for a final vote. 
There is still time for school boards to name their voting delegates for the Delegate Assembly meeting. We ask that after your board votes on their delegates, you submit that information here.  Only school directors, school board secretaries and members and secretaries of the governing body of other PSBA member entities are eligible to serve as delegates. Assistant and recording secretaries, superintendents or other administrators are not eligible by virtue of such positions. 

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