On a newly released episode of Keystone Education Radio, Podcast Host Annette Stevenson is joined by a panel of adults and students who run York Suburban Education Foundation’s Impact Foundation, a student-lead extension of the organization. Annette is joined by Sarah Reinecker, York Suburban Education Foundation immediate past chair and founding member; Gina Trimmer, chairman of the Impact Foundation and York Suburban Education Foundation board member; Janelle Rice, Impact Foundation president and senior; Leona Strine, Impact Foundation vice-president and junior; Krissy Sprankle, Impact Foundation treasurer and senior; and Marcella Rolle, Impact Foundation Board Member and freshman. The group discusses the objectives of the Impact Foundation and how it has adapted to serve the larger York Suburban community during the COVID-19 pandemic.  
To listen to this and other episodes of Keystone Education Radio, visit keyedradio.org. 

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