Share your advocacy efforts with your community by posting on social media. Download and print this advocacy day paddle to use as a prop in a selfie. Upload your selfie to your favorite social media platform using the hashtag #Advocate4PublicEd. Contact your legislator today.

Please stay on the recommended talking points. Below are some sample social media posts for use throughout the day:


  1. Mandatory charter tuition payments are up 230% over 11 years. Tuition continues to grow even as charter enrollment growth has slowed, indicating a problem with the charter school funding mechanism. Visit for data! #Advocate4PublicEd
  2. Charter tuition payments are a top source of budget pressure for school districts based on the #2020StateofEd report. The portion of budgets being consumed by charter tuition has doubled over the last 10 years. #Advocate4PublicEd
  3. School districts are responsible for educating more than 95% of special education students requiring the costliest programs & services. Tuition rates based on district expenses = inflated special education tuition rates & overpayments. #Advocate4PublicEd


  1. Increases in school district spending over the last 7 years are the result of mandated costs. #Advocate4PublicEd
    [Download attached chart]
  2. State revenue for mandated costs has failed to keep up with increases, leaving local taxpayers to fill the void. #Advocate4PublicEd
    [Download attached chart]
  3. As costs related to providing special education have increased, state and federal funding for special education have failed to keep up. #Advocate4PublicEd
    [Download attached chart]

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