Share your advocacy efforts with your community by posting on social media. Post your messages to your favorite social media platform using the hashtag #Advocate4PublicEd. Contact your legislator today.

Please stay on the recommended talking points. Below are some sample social media posts for use throughout:


  1. Mandatory charter tuition payments are up 230% over 11 years. Tuition continues to grow even as charter enrollment growth has slowed, indicating a problem with the charter school funding mechanism. Visit for data! #Advocate4PublicEd
  2. Charter tuition payments are a top source of budget pressure for school districts based on the #2020StateofEd report. The portion of budgets being consumed by charter tuition has doubled over the last 10 years. #Advocate4PublicEd
  3. School districts are responsible for educating more than 95% of special education students requiring the costliest programs & services. Tuition rates based on district expenses = inflated special education tuition rates & overpayments. #Advocate4PublicEd


  1. Recent PA Supreme Court decisions could expose public schools to liability based on potential COVID exposure in schools. Provide immunity for schools! #Advocate4PublicEd
  2. Public education is an essential government function. School leaders shouldn’t have to worry about lawsuits claiming COVID exposure in schools when following all state, CDC, and local guidance. Provide immunity for schools! #Advocate4PublicEd
  3. Protect public schools from being forced to spend taxpayer dollars defending lawsuits related to alleged COVID exposure in schools. #Advocate4PublicEd


  1. As public schools were forced to switch to virtual instruction, it highlighted the fact that many areas of the Commonwealth still lack access to high-speed internet service. It’s time to expand broadband access to all Pennsylvanians. #Advocate4PublicEd
  2. Reinstating a mandate waiver program would allow schools flexibility and cost savings while not requiring any additional state funding. #Advocate4PublicEd
  3. Public schools have adapted to providing high quality instruction to their students as the pandemic forces them to deal with a variety of challenges. #SuccessStartsHere #Advocate4PublicEd

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