Last week, PSBA members had the privilege of hearing from Chuck Underwood, a pioneer in the field of generational studies. Underwood took attendees through the events that influenced the core values of the Greatest Generation. He discussed how these core values of unity, compassion and loyalty contrasted the core values of the generations before and after this cohort. During the Q&A session, Underwood discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic could influence Millennials and the emerging Generation Z in forming values similar to those of the Greatest Generation.

On Thursday, April 30, Paul Brandus will present the second installment of the Keynote Webinar Series. Brandus frequently presents at presidential libraries and Fortune 500 companies, connecting the dots between Washington and Main Street with his take on politics, business, history and media. He has been a member of the White House press corps since 2008 and is the founder of West Wing Reports®. Brandus is a columnist for USA Today and Dow Jones/MarketWatch and is an acclaimed author. To read more about this upcoming presentation, future keynote speakers or to register, please click here.

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