PSBA is offering all member districts a year subscription to Zoom video conferencing services. In addition, PSBA released guidance to boards on hosting virtual meetings. Below is additional guidance on the requirements of advertising virtual meetings.

While there are no specific requirements for advertising a virtual board meeting, districts should use the usual format for advertising open meetings based on newspaper requirements, website format, etc. The published newspaper notice could simply include the link for the meeting as a location and direct people to visit the district website for additional connection information and details. PSBA also recommends including suggestions for accessing public internet in the community, such as library or district access in parking lots that follows social distancing guidance, and an explanation of public comment process for your virtual digital meeting.

Following school closures due to COVID-19, PSBA conducted two webinars addressing recommendations for holding virtual board meetings, including how to handle public comment and accessibility considerations. Both webinars are free in the Online Learning area of PSBA encourages districts to consult their school solicitor with any concerns about conducting the meeting in accordance with the Sunshine Act.

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