Key education associations compiled answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to the COVID-19 outbreak and how it impacts school districts in the commonwealth. Below is the latest guidance regarding compliance with 180 days of instruction. More information like this can be found on PSBA's Coronavirus resources page. Per PDE's guidance, LEAs that fail to meet the 180 day or 990/900/450 hour requirements as a result of COVID-19 will not be penalized. PDE will provide a simplified form for LEAs to use to report a shortfall in days/hours. PDE has indicated that LEAs are strongly encouraged to adjust their calendars as appropriate (e.g. use snow days, Act 80 days, extend the school year, etc.) to provide as much instruction as possible. PDE will develop additional guidance on this critical topic, and LEAs experiencing a shortfall in days/hours will be able to report their total days/hours on a PDE-developed form. Completed forms will be deemed approved.

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