The Pennsylvania General Assembly passed two acts amending the PA School Code,  Act 55 of 2017 and Act 18 of 2019. These acts mandate that school board directors complete training programs, direct who can provide this training and detail how districts and school directors will be held accountable.  

While PSBA did not create these training requirements, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has named the organization as an approved provider of required director training. Utilizing expertise in school law, policy, finance and ethical governance, PSBA provides high-quality learning to facilitate this training for our members.  

PSBA offers in-person and online training to accommodate all learning styles and schedules. All online learning that is part of the 3-hour training requirements for re-seated school board directors and the 5-hour requirements for newly-elected school board directors is complimentary and free-of-charge to school board members. In-person training to meet these requirements can be completed as part of New School Director Training or Advanced School Director Training programs, which will be offered on weeknights and Saturdays at numerous locations statewide during December and January. 

For more details on the requirements and both training options: 

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