PSBA is now asking school boards to name their voting delegates for the upcoming Delegate Assembly meeting that will be held on Oct. 18, 2019, in conjunction with the PASA-PSBA School Leadership Conference.

Recently a memo was sent to school board secretaries, executive directors of IUs and CTCs inviting each entity to submit the names of their voting delegates by June 28. Each PSBA-member entity is entitled to have at least one voting delegate at the meeting. Only school directors, school board secretaries and members and secretaries of the governing body of other PSBA member entities are eligible to serve as delegates. Assistant and recording secretaries, superintendents or other administrators are not eligible by virtue of such positions.

Questions about the Delegate Assembly or the appointment of delegates should be directed to Sherri Houck by telephone at (717) 506-2450, ext. 3000; or via email at

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