VOTE! 2019_Offocer elections onlineVoting is open online through Oct. 11 for 2019 PSBA officer and Insurance Trust trustee positions. Just like last year, voting takes place online through a secure, third-party website — Simply Voting. Each member school entity casts one vote per office. One person from the school entity (usually the board secretary) is authorized to register the vote on behalf of the member school entity. Your board will need to put on its agenda discussion and voting at one of its meetings in September, if it has not already done so. Each member entity should have received a packet of instructions and a slate of candidates.

Please note that voting for positions on the steering committees of the PSBA Pupil Transportation Forum and the PSBA School Board Secretaries Forum also has opened for participants of these forums, and information on these positions is also included in the voting packets. Transportation staff and school board secretaries vote on these positions, which do not need full board approval.

See the slate of candidates for 2019 PSBA officer and Insurance Trust trustee positions, which includes bios, photos and videos for officer candidates, as well as an FAQ on the voting procedure.

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