PSBA’s new online learning is coming to a device near you

Coming in January 2018, PSBA will offer members a comprehensive online learning experience focused on the learning needs of school directors. The program is divided into three levels: Introductory — 100, Advanced — 200, Board Leadership — 300. Each level is organized by the industry standard for board service, PSBA's Seven Principles for Leadership and Governance.

The online learning program offers short, topic-specific courses that are optional, self-paced and available 24/7, allowing you to customize training to meet your needs and schedule. Your transcript will show your progress and any additional courses necessary for desired credentials.

Credentials include both digital badges and certificates. You earn digital badges at key milestones and digital certificates at the completion of each of the three levels. Courses are organized by the Principles, with digital badges awarded for completion of coursework under that Principle.

Starting in January, the Introductory 100 Level will be available, including 43 courses. See the full catalog to the left. Courses in the 200 and 300 levels and elective courses are currently under development.