The very foundation of public education is opportunity for all regardless of race, color, ethnicity, sex, religion or disability. School directors across Pennsylvania stand by this tenet, which makes the violence in Charlottesville especially painful to witness.

As schools open for the start of the academic year, school directors, administrators, teachers and staff will continue efforts to provide students with the opportunity to grow and learn in an environment free of racism and bigotry. Public education remains a cornerstone of our society that was established on the belief of equality. We must not rest in our pursuit of this ideal for the sake of our students now and in the future.

Nathan Mains
PSBA Executive Director

Facing difficult questions

As schools begin to open their doors for the fall, school directors, teachers and administrators may be asked difficult questions about the violence in Charlottesville. In light of the recent events, PSBA reaffirms public education's role in providing opportunity for all. Below are links to resources to help you deal with the uncertainty and fear students may be feeling.

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