Two upcoming webinars will provide information to prepare all districts statewide for a winning season in compliance and competition – and with the opportunity to focus on issues of particular interest to Urban and Rural districts. Both webinars will look at The Role of PIAA & Hot Topics in Interscholastic Athletics:

  • The Urban Forum webinar (Tuesday, Aug. 22, at noon) will cover classification, co-ops, eligibility and transfers, and the history of public and private school athletics. PA Interscholastic Athletics Association (PIAA) Executive Director Dr. Robert Lombardi and Assistant Executive Director Jennifer Grassel will also provide an overview of the organization’s work with school districts and teams within the PIAA system.  Register online at .
  • The Rural Forum webinar (Thursday, Aug. 24, at noon) looks more specifically at how to increase competition opportunities and address coaching shortages. In this hour-long webinar Lombardi and Grassel will share solutions, discuss hot topics such as working with cyber charter student athletes, and provide an overview of the organization’s work. Register online at

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