I am Otto Voit and I am asking for your vote for PSBA President-Elect.

President-Elect/President is all about leadership, character, and integrity. It takes a lifetime to earn these traits and a moment to lose them. In my lifetime, I have:

  • Served on the PSBA Governing Board as Treasurer for 4 years where I established policies for good fiscal governance; which will stand the test of time.
  • As President, successfully navigated local school board through the financial crisis of 2008/09.
  • I am Vice-Chairman of PSDLAF (PA School District Liquid Asset Fund) where we have successfully, thought painfully, navigated through a low interest rate environment
  • President of an Intl Dental and Cosmetic manufacturing company
  • Partner/CFO in a software development company that still operates today
  • I am a former military officer and commander with the 101st Airborne Division and a Desert Storm Veteran
  • Was a candidate for PA State Treasurer where I became friends with many legislators, from both sides of the aisle, that will hold PBSA in good stead should I be elected President-Elect

My Short and Long term Vision for PSBA:

  • I will seek to have unity on the Governing Board. We must all stand together to support public education because the forces against us are strong.
  • I seek to promote advocacy for public education on the Hill. PSBA must be known as the go to organization for anything related to public education.
  • I will support our strategic plan as that is our blue print for future.
  • 2019 will be a big year for PSBA. We are the oldest school board association in the country and will be celebrating our 125th We will be hosting the NSBA Convention in Philadelphia. We will need a good ambassador to represent PA. I seek to be that Ambassador, your representative, as your next President.
  • We will seek to increase revenues from endorsements and branding in order to grow a financial reserve that will allow us in the future to reduce, or even eliminate, dues from our members.
  • Create a think tank for public education.

What are our challenges:

  • We must have a conversation about charter schools with our members and understand and distinguish between public and private charter schools. We have competing interests; a private for profit entity for a few on one hand and a free and public education for everyone on the other.
  • In order to create alternative revenue streams we need to expand our affiliate association
  • Create more member involvement, to engage every member district, IU and boards of higher education to ensure that public education continues to provide a good education for everyone and where there is fair funding for every district, so every child can succeed and be a productive member of society who will then want to be life long learners.

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