Currently: President, Cumberland Valley School District

Past Chair of the Finance Committee, Facilities Committee and Joint Operating Committee for the Cumberland Area VoTech.

I am asking for your vote as Treasurer of the PSBA Board. I have been endorsed by the PSBA nominating committee and have served on both the PSBA Finance Committee and Platform Committee.

I ran for school director of Cumberland Valley because I believe I possess a unique set of skills that can enhance board engagement, provide critical financial analysis of financial statements and how that relates to our mission. I believe I can bring these skills to the PSBA Board to assist the Board in continuing to be a leading voice for public education.

I have a bachelors of science degree in Public Policy from Penn State University and a Masters of Public Administration from Shippensburg University. I have been a life long resident of Pennsylvania with the exception of my time serving our country as a United States Marine.

I have over 20 years of local government experience in building, balancing and implementing budgets. I spent 7 years in the financial industry working with various local and state government entities in the commonwealth providing insight and solutions for their financial needs. I have reviewed many public school district financials and intimately understand the tough choices many of your districts are being forced to make due to legislation, unfunded mandates and pressures from your constituents. I have also served on the Board of a large local government insurance trust that provided Property, Casualty and Workers Compensation insurance to local governments throughout the Commonwealth. This provided me a unique experience in how to manage large pools of Trust dollars and how that relates to paying claims and protecting the Trust.

I am asking for your vote to serve as PSBA Treasurer because we need our legislators to engage our districts and understand the educational and ultimately financial pressures placed on the school districts of the commonwealth by activist, lobbyist and yes our own legislators. We can’t accomplish our mission without being in a strong financial position. I want to help PSBA to continue to be effective when harmful legislation such as the property tax elimination bill is introduced. I also want the decision makers to understand that a cookie cutter approach to education does not serve the best interest of our students throughout the Commonwealth.

An education is something that once you have nothing can take it from you. Our members need strong support and speaking with one voice through PSBA is an asset we can exploit. I believe in the power of a collective voice and PSBA is that voice for all of us on a local, state and national platform. I wish to continue to see PSBA assessing and advising us on what we need to do to keep as many tools in our toolbox to provide the best for all of our students.

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