Larry AugustineI welcome the opportunity to be a candidate for the leadership position as the Central Section At Large Representative of PSBA.   This is a most important position of PSBA.  Education has been a part of my entire life from the first grade through a college graduate degree.  My professional life has been teaching.  This teaching career plus serving on the Selinsgrove Area School Board for many years has given me much experience in working with teachers, administrators, the public and students. Of course, serving the needs of students is the high priority.  After all, that is the purpose of operating a school system. Leadership is extremely important in running a school district and serving on the board is highly demanding.   I served on the school board for almost 30 years and held the offices of secretary, vice president and president.  Since 2015, I am serving as president of the Selinsgrove Area board.  I have served as the district’s liaison to PSBA since 2008 and have participated in many conferences, seminars, symposiums, workshops, regional and county meetings that PSBA offered.  In addition, I served as assistant regional director of Region 6 for several years.  I was a member of the PSBA Governance Committee, which reviewed and proposed recommendations for the governance system of the organization, including its bylaws and operating procedures.  I also served on the Tim Allwein Award committee and currently am serving on the Legislative Advisory committee.  In addition, I earned the citation of a Master School Board Director.  Other leadership positions include serving on the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit since 2012.  I have served as vice president, and since 2013 am serving as president.  In addition, I was the executive director of the Pennsylvania High School Speech League (PHSSL) from 1999 to 2016.  This organization is statewide, open to all high schools, and its purpose is to promote speech, debate and theatre presentations in statewide competitions.  Serving in this capacity, gave me the opportunity to meet with teachers and discuss their concerns and problems they were experiencing in their school systems.

The reasons I desire to become the Central Representative is that I would like to represent and communicate PSBA’s programs to the Central Region and keep board members, superintendents and other administrators aware of the activities that PSBA offers.  I would like to offer any help I can to the Regional Directors as they work within their regions, and keep them informed of  PSBA actions and any new offerings that PSBA brings forth, including results of delegate assembly resolutions, executive committee actions, Governing Board, etc.  Meeting with the various central regions and discussing how the various government bodies–local, state and federal–and their actions (or lack thereof) affects school districts would be another way of sharing information and ideas.  As mentioned earlier, I welcome the opportunity to become PSBA’s Central Section At Large Representative.  Thanks for your consideration.

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