Eric WolfgangMy name is Eric Wolfgang and I wish to become the next President-Elect of this fine organization. I have been a member of the Central York School District, located just outside of York City, for the past 19 years and Board President for 11 of those years. I grew up in York City, graduated from the York County School of Technology and went on to receive my degree from Penn State. I have been married to my wife, Sherrie for 38 years and I have 2 grown children and three grandchildren. I have been very involved in PSBA over the years, having attained Master School Board member status as well as PSBA Fellow.  I am in my second year on the PSBA Governing Board serving as vice-President and Chair of the platform Committee.

My vision for PSBA is to continue to build upon the organizational excellence for which this organization has come to be known. It is important to provide strategic planning for future needs of the organization as well as established direction so that future leaders have a clear roadmap for PSBA. We have to continue to be at the forefront of the ever changing public educational landscape in order to serve all our member’s needs as well as all the students we represent. PSBA must expand our legislative advocacy efforts in order to effect necessary change which will benefit all our members. We have to be active partners when legislation is being considered as well as write legislation and find willing partners in the General Assembly to sponsor that legislation. We need increased involvement by more members of our organization, which will serve to strengthen the overall organization.

The challenge for the Governing Board is to listen intently to and consider all the various viewpoints of our membership while working to build consensus. With input from the Executive Director, we must continue to look toward the future to maintain an organization which is responsive to the member’s needs, while attempting to anticipate what challenges will be forthcoming to public education.  Public education is a cornerstone of our democracy and therefore should never be looked at simply from a dollars and cents perspective, but rather from the standpoint of a moral and ethical obligation to the future citizens of our commonwealth.

We must demand a level playing field whereby all educational providers work under the same rules and regulations. The traditional public education setting needs to evolve using 21st century technologies in order to enhance and improve the individual education of every student. Public education must change in order to adequately teach and prepare our students for their futures, ensuring the success of our great nation.

Thank you for your consideration of me to serve you as the next President-Elect, and helping to chart the course for PSBA into the future. I promise to fulfill this position to the best of my ability, to help maintain the excellence of PSBA.

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