David HutchinsonStatement:

I see PSBA as having two essential roles. Our first is to provide training and support for the 4500 school board members of the Commonwealth. As you well know, the role of school board member is highly complex, and. we hope to continue to improve and expand that service to you.

Our other primary role is to be an advocate for quality public education. Part of that role is to encourage legislative solutions that are in the best interest of our schools, students, teachers, and communities. As a non-partisan organization, and because our members understand the local impact of legislation, PSBA is uniquely positioned to become the chief educator in the state of Pennsylvania on issues that affect public education.

I also believe that PSBA has the opportunity to show the public how education is changing.  Unless you have children currently in school, or you are a school board member, your mental image of the classroom is probably what you experienced when you were in school.

I am therefore excited to be part of PSBA’s initiative to articulate a coherent, modern vision for public education. We need to persuade the public that public education is worth supporting, and that it provides our students with not only the skills to be successful in the modern economy, but to also be effective and engaged citizens.

The students currently in school will be graduating into a highly complex and inter-connected world. They will have to be critical thinkers and creative problem-solvers; they will have to know how to work with others of diverse backgrounds, and to clearly communicate in ways beyond mere reading and writing.

A short while ago, a successful classroom environment required only discipline. Now a teacher must create a classroom in which students work together and where every student is respected, valued, and a contributor. These are the schools our students need.

And finally, we need to recognize that we have a responsibility to all the children of Pennsylvania, from those in the smallest rural communities, to those in our cities. and that we need to articulate and advocate for strategies that address those unique challenges. PSBA can, and should be, at the forefront of that effort.

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Relevant experience:

  • 14-year member of the State College Area School Board
  •  Current PSBA Vice-president
  •  Central At-large representative, 2015-2016
  •  PSBA Board of Directors, 2011-present
  •  Co-facilitator, ESSA/charter school study group, 2016
  •  Chair, Urban/Rural taskforce, 2015
  •  Platform committee, 2011-2013
  •  Evaluation committee, 2012-2013; chair, 2013
  •  Centre/Clinton county Legislative Coordinator,  2008-2011
  • National School Climate Standards Review committee, 2010
  •  Public Issues Forum of Centre County chair, 2007-present
    • 2016: Forum, “Let’s Talk About Race – For a Change”
      • Lead to adoption of SCASD School Climate policy
    • 2014: Forum on the role of Standardized Testing in School
    • 2010-2012: organizer/presenter, Teacher Institute on Deliberation in the Classroom, SCASD
    • 2008, 2009: organized Forums on education
  • Jan., 2008: Testified before State Board of Education against the GCA (Keystone exam graduation requirement)


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