The Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) is pleased that Gov. Tom Wolf’s original $100 million increase in Basic Education Funding and $25 million increase in special education funding have been preserved in the state budget currently going to his desk.

“We are sympathetic to the difficult financial situation Pennsylvania faces, but strongly believe investments in our children’s education pay dividends now and into the future,” said PSBA Executive Director Nathan Mains. “We are pleased that in the face of many other budget challenges, the General Assembly has seen the value in making school funding a priority.”

Additionally, a proposed cut of $50 million to school transportation funding has been taken off the table. If this had gone through, the negative financial impact would have been felt in all districts.

“PSBA and schools throughout Pennsylvania are extremely grateful for the hard work the General Assembly has put into this budget, and we encourage Gov. Tom Wolf to sign the bill. It is a budget that will keep education in the state moving in the right direction,” said Mains.

Pennsylvania ranks in or near the top 10 in math and reading nationally. It also has a higher four-year graduation rate compared with other states. In addition to the hard work of dedicated school directors, teachers, staff and administrators, these results also are due to legislators and the governor continuing to make education a funding priority.

PSBA looks forward to working with the General Assembly to tackle other important issues impacting public education in the near future.

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