PSBA Priority Issue: New school funding formula is signed into law

Gov. Tom Wolf last week signed into law House Bill 1552, legislation that makes the bi-partisan Basic Education Funding Commission's subsidy funding formula permanent. The legislation is now Act 35 of 2016.

The need for the state to provide adequate, equitable and fair funding is one of PSBA's top legislative priority issues on behalf of its members. By implementing the new formula under Act 35, school districts will have a greater degree of certainty on funding, allowing them to plan more accurately for the upcoming school year's budget. The formula directs money to school districts based on objective factors, such as student enrollment, the needs of the student population, and school district wealth and capacity to raise local revenues.

“Of course in order for a formula to work best, the state must continue to value the importance of investing in our schools and children by properly funding public education,” PSBA Executive Director Nathan Mains said.

PSBA President Kathy Swope (third from right) participated in the ceremonial signing of the legislation at the State Capitol the day after Gov. Wolf officially put his signature to HB 1552. Photo credit: James Kurish, PA Senate.