Superintendent Evaluation

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Superintendent Evaluation Levels

Strategies for evaluating your district's top leaders 

PSBA's Governance and Leadership Customized Workshop Series announces a new evaluation service for Pennsylvania superintendents and assistant superintendents. Recently, Acts 82 and 141 spelled out major changes in law, prompting PSBA to create both a model evaluation instrument and sample contract language intended to assist boards with compliance. PSBA's superintendent evaluation service allows boards to select from a menu of customized options that encourage implementation of thorough, research-based approaches to monitoring and assessing performance of the district's senior leaders. Consistent with PSBA's commitment to providing products and services that position districts to create systems of real excellence, the organization is making available a variety of options to boards seeking to maximize the connection between comprehensive assessment and improved outcomes for the district. 

Customized Option 1Solid Foundations for Successful Evaluations

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  • Facilitated review of district priorities are utilized to provide the "Team of 10" with customized assessment tools that guarantee alignment with district policy.
  • PSBA staff will assist in developing all aspects of the evaluation cycle, including identifying all deadlines and dates, and establishing procedures for conveying evaluation results to the public.
  • PSBA will assist the board in identifying artifacts, documentation and other evidentiary data to be used in support of the evaluation. 
  • PSBA can assist in creating or identifying objective performance standards to be used in the superintendent/assistant superintendent contract and as the basis for the evaluation for the life of the contract.
  • All sample and customized documentation used for the evaluation cycle will be assembled and provided to the Board by PSBA. 

Customized Option 2Expanded Options for Broadened Perspectives

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  • All elements of PSBA's Solid Foundations for Successful Evaluations are used as a starting point for Boards that wish to utilize a comprehensively guided approach to monitoring superintendent/assistant superintendent performance.
  • A facilitated mid-cycle revisiting of assessment expectations will provide boards with an opportunity to discuss district climate, priority shifts, or circumstances with the potential to negatively impact the superintendent's ability to achieve expected outcomes.
  • PSBA will facilitate an onsite year-end review of all evaluation documents and supporting documentation, as well as a thorough guided review of board-approved procedures for completion of the evaluation documents. 
  • Following the board's completion of the evaluation, PSBA will assemble formal summary documents and detailed analysis of superintendent/assistant superintendent performance based on individual Board members' assessments. 
  • Feedback from stakeholder focus groups may be valuable to the process of identifying priorities that support customized evaluation tools. PSBA can assist in collecting information from identified constituents at the request of the board for an additional fee.
PSBA does not evaluate either the superintendent or the assistant superintendent.  All evaluation results derived from board and individual board member assessments are delivered in summary and detail-level analysis to the board, board president or appropriate board committee. The board is responsible for completing all assessment documents and for conveying results of the completed evaluation to the superintendent or assistant superintendent, and to the public via the district's publically accessible website.