Administrator, Superintendent Search

If a school entity has a need, chances are that PSBA has a service, expert or program to meet that need.

PSBA Administrator Search Services

Administrator/Superintendent Search Services work with school district, from start to finish, in seeking candidates for administrative or superintendent positions. However, we are not a head-hunter search firm that "places" candidates. Our philosophy has been, and always will be, that successful hires are selected locally -- not by a consultant.

Administrative Support Program

Your board wants an extensive advertising and recruitment campaign in order to reach as many qualified superintendent applicants as possible within a defined timetable. The administrative support program allows your board to utilize PSBA's successful recruitment strategy that engages multiple mediums, networks and alliances affording broad exposure to the executive opportunity in your district. A PSBA consultant will meet with the board to determine the desired skills and abilities of the applicants in order to design the advertisement and answer any questions from the board. Your PSBA consultant will then begin a recruitment effort for qualified applicants. PSBA will also complete the time-intensive task of managing the entire administrative procedure in order to ensure complete credential files for all candidates.  


Interview Assistance

The board realizes that a search for the district's next superintendent is also a beneficial time to harvest information from stakeholder groups. This effort will assist the board to better understand the needs of the district and to ensure a substantive transition plan is realized once the new superintendent begins their tenure. The executive leadership program incorporates the elements of the executive search program with the benefit of the analysis and recommendations of PSBA's Consulting Solutions. An experienced, former superintendent, will work with your PSBA consultant throughout the search in order to provide valuable counsel to the board resulting in a thorough, comprehensive evaluation and transition plan for your district's new chief executive.


Customized Search Options

In addition to the comprehensive search programs listed above, PSBA offers a menu of A la Carte search service options for districts seeking support with key aspects of their search. As with all of PSBA's executive search services, we welcome discussion on customization to meet your needs.