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PSBA keeps members informed of current trends and topics in education through its various publications, handbooks and website. Membership provides you the School Leader News, a weekly publication with updates and legislative news, the PSBA Bulletin a bimonthly magazine covering issues in depth.

Need more thorough information on a particular topic? PSBA offers a large catalog of handbooks on topics such as leadership, school finance, legal issues and communications. And PSBA’s website offers 24/7 access to news, resources legislative news and online versions of several print publications including the School Leader News and Bulletin.

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Online versions of publications include Product Periscope, Risk Manager. Members can log in for access to the PSBA Bulletin, School Leader News, policy samples, Public Sector Arbitrations, School Law Information Exchange. Additional subscription services online include Policy News Network, Policy on the Web and Laws On Line.


Advertise in PSBA Bulletin

Advertising in the bimonthly PSBA Bulletin is the best way to reach decision-makers in Pennsylvania's public schools. Find details on current advertising rates, design specifications, policies and authoring tips.


Advertise Job Vacancies

PSBA-member school entities submit notices to appear in the Professional Vacancies column of the School Leader News and online, free of charge.


Order Forms to Fax or Mail

PDF versions of publication and subscription forms for all publications and services, special offers and recognition products.


Subscription Information

How to subscribe to PSBA’s print publications and online subscription services, including Laws On Line, Policy On the Web, comprehensive subscription and nonsolicitors publication package.


NSBA's BoardBuzz

A fast, sharp, informed read on public education.