Pulse Poll

Identifying the issues, influencing legislation and shaping the debate on key education issues

PSBA's ongoing efforts to appropriately meet the needs of members will include a new Pulse Poll for 2014 that will allow you to see and compare your answers to those of other board members from around Pennsylvania.  Our brand new Pulse Poll will be available on the second and final Monday of each month through PSBA's Daily Edition. 

What do you feel is the most important concern facing Pennsylvania public schools today?
Budget/funding issues
Teacher contracts/negotiations
School construction
Unfunded mandates
Special education costs
Student achievement/student testing
Health-care costs
Charter/cyber charter schools
Technology use in schools
Which of the following training topics would most appeal to you?
Superintendent evaluations/Act 141
Shared services/cost savings for districts
Ethical decision-making processes
Understanding/implementing PSBA's Standards for Effective School Governance

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