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A closer look: 2011-12 school management salaries

From School Leader News, June 2013

The following data are presented as a follow-up to PSBA¹s analysis of average annual salaries reported to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
Average salaries reported in the annual review are intended to provide compensation benchmarks, and they also serve to give quick reference to trends in salary administration.

However, averages being what they are ­ just averages ­ it is recognized that many factors influence this type of reporting. The continual shifting of professional positions has tended to distort the relationship of averages during the past few years.

Needless to say, management salary practices need a more careful review of other considerations if adequate attention is to be given to this area of discussion. The following charts offer this additional review and include an expanded number of management positions.

Please note that the number of positions in each chart does not necessarily represent the total number of positions for that title. The charts do represent the number of positions for which valid data could be obtained.

Summary Findings – 2011-12

  • Nearly three-fourths of school management positions (73%) earn in excess of $82,000 annually. (Chart 14)
  • The highest management salary reported was $263,058 for district superintendent. (Chart 3)
  • The lowest average management salary ($86,281) was noted for the assistant or vice elementary principal¹s position. (Chart 10)
  • More than half (53%) of the 143,099 bargaining unit positions reported annual salaries of $58,000 or higher. (Chart 15)

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