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000 Board Policy/Procedure/Administrative Regulations
001 Name And Classification
002 Authority And Powers
003 Functions
004 Membership
005 Organization
006 Meetings
007 Policy Manual Access
100 Strategic Plan
101 Philosophy Of Education/Mission, Vision Statements
102 Academic Standards
103 Nondiscrimination In School And Classroom Practices
103 Attachment Report Form For Complaints Of Discrimination
103-AR Internal Investigation
104 Nondiscrimination In Employment/Contract Practices
104 Attachment Report Form For Complaints Of Discrimination
104-AR Internal Investigations
105 Curriculum Development
105-AR Curriculum Development
105.1 Curriculum Review By Parents And Students
105.2 Exemption From Instruction
106 Guides For Planned Instruction
106-AR Guides For Planned Instruction
107 Adoption Of Planned Instruction
108 Adoption Of Textbooks
108-AR Adoption Of Textbooks
109 Resource Materials - Selection
109-AR Guidelines For Using Movies And Video In The Classroom
109-AR-1 Movie/Video Permission Request Form
109 Appendix A Selection Aids
109 Appendix B Evaluation Of Curriculum Series
109 Appendix C Factors To Be Considered In Selecting Trade Books
109 Appendix D Checklist For Selecting K-12 Literature For Classroom Use
109.1 Resource Materials - Challenges/Reconsideration
109.1 Appendix A Letter To Objector
109.1 Appendix B Request For Reconsideration Of Learning Materials
109.1 Appendix C Instructions To Evaluating Committee
109.1 Appendix D Library Bill Of Rights
109.1 Appendix E Freedom To Read
109.1 Appendix F Statement Of Censorship And Professional Guidelines
109.1 Appendix G International Reading Association Censorship Statement
110 Instructional Supplies
110-AR Procedure For A Student In Need Of Financial Assistance
111 Lesson Plans
112 Guidance Counseling
112-AR Addressing Self-Harming Student Behavior
112-AR-1 At-Risk Behavior Checklist
113 Special Education
113-AR Parental Request For Evaluation Of Student
113-AR-1 Parental Request For An IEP Meeting
113-AR-2 Parental Request For Change In Placement
113-AR-3 Parental Consent Issues With Regard To Initial Evaluations
113-AR-4 Parental Revocation Of Consent To Continued Special Education And Related Services
113-AR-5 The IEP Process
113-AR-6 Review Of PVSD Special Education Plan
113.1 Discipline Of Students With Disabilities
113.2 Behavior Support
113.2-AR Chapter 14 PA Regulations
113.2-AR-1 Steps For Conducting A Functional Behavior Assessment/Behavior Intervention Plan
113.2-AR-2 Initial Line Of Inquiry
113.2-AR-3 Assessment Summary Sheet
113.2-AR-4 Behavior Intervention Plan
113.3 Chapter 15/Section 504
113.3-AR Procedural Guide For Section 504/Chapter 15 Protected Handicapped Students
113.3-AR-1 Notice Of School District Initiated Evaluation/Provision Of Services For A Section 504/Chapter 15 Protected Handicapped Student
113.3-AR-2 Notice Of Parent Initiated Evaluation/Provision Of Services For A Section 504/Chapter 15 Protected Handicapped Student
113.3-AR-3 Section 504/Chapter 15 Eligibility Determination
113.3-AR-4 Procedural Safeguards Letter Section 504/Chapter 15 Protected Handicapped Student
113.3-AR-5 Section 504/Chapter 15 Protected Handicapped Student Service Agreement
113.3-AR-6 Section 504/Chapter 15 Staff Notification Letter
113.3-AR-7 Invitation To Section 504/Chapter 15 Meeting
113.3-AR-8 IDEA (Chapter 14)/Section 504 (Chapter 15) Flow Chart
113.3-AR-9 Diabetes
113.3-AR-10 Medical Statement For A Student With Diabetes
113.3-AR-11 Epilepsy
113.3-AR-12 Medical Statement For A Student With Epilepsy
113.4 Severe Allergies
113.4-AR Severe Allergies
113.4-AR-1 Medical Statement For A Student With Severe Allergy
113.4-AR-2 Emergency Action Plan: Severe Allergy
114 Gifted Education
114-AR Annual Assessment Of The PVSD Gifted Education Program
115 Vocational, Career And Technical Education
115-AR Vocational, Career And Technical Education
116 Tutoring
117 Homebound Instruction
117-AR Homebound Instruction Request Form
117-AR-1 Homebound Instruction Report Form
117-AR-2 Administrative Regulations For Homebound Instruction
117-AR-3 Privacy Safeguards For Students On Homebound Instruction
118 Independent Study
118-AR Procedures For Implementaing Independent Study
118.1 Online Courses
119 Current Events
119-AR Current Events
120 Human Development Program
121 Field Trips
121-AR Field Trips
121-AR-1 Additional Administrative Regulations For Overnight Field Trips
122 Extracurricular Activities
122-AR Rules At School-Sponsored Events
122-AR-1 Student-Musician/Student-Performer Agreement
122-AR-2 Extracurricular Activities
123 Interscholastic Athletics
123-AR Rules At School-Sponsored Events
123-AR-2 Student-Athlete Agreement
123-AR-3 Student-Athlete Dual Sport Participation
123-AR-4 Administrative Regulation For "Playing Up"
123-AR-5 Playing Up Parental Permission Form
123.1 Concussion Management
123.1-AR Recommended Procedures For Managing A Concussion
123.2 Sudden Cardiac Arrest
123.2-AR Procedures For Managing Students Who Display Signs Or Symptoms Of Sudden Cardiac Arrest
123.2-AR-1 Sudden Cardiac Arrest Symptom Return To Play Form
124 Summer School
125 Adult Education
126 Class Size
126-AR Guidelines For Maintaining Effective Class Size
127 Assessments
130 Homework
137 The Home Education Program
138 Limited English Proficiency Program
138-AR Limited English Proficiency Program
140 Charter Schools
140.1 Extracurricular Participation By Charter/Cyber Charter Students
142 Migrant Students
142-AR Migrant Students
143 Standards For Persistently Dangerous Schools
144 Standards For Victims Of Violent Crimes
146 Student Services
146-AR Student Services
200 Enrollment In District
200-AR Enrollment Of Students
200-AR-1 Student Classification For Enrollment
200-AR-2 Enrollment Document Checklist
200-AR-3 Residency Affidavit
201 Admission Of Beginning Students
202 Eligibility Of Nonresident Students
202-AR Eligibility Of Nonresident Students
202-AR-1 Sworn Statement By Resident Under Section 13-1302
202-AR-2 Form 1305-A: Non-Resident Child Placed In Home Of Resident
202.1 Attendance Eligibility
203 Communicable Diseases And Immunization
203.1 HIV Infection
204 Attendance
204-AR Attendance
204-AR-1 Excessive Student Absences - Investigative Worksheet
204.2 Non-School District Sponsored Educational Trip Or Tour
205 Postgraduate Students
206 Assignment Within District
207 Confidential Communications Of Students
208 Withdrawal From School
208-AR Withdrawal Procedures
208-AR-1 Student Transfer/Withdrawal
209 Health Examinations/Screenings
209 Attachment Letter from Department Of Health
209.1 Pediculosis
209.1-AR Instructions And Checklist For Treating Head Lice
210 Use Of Medications
210-AR Authorization For Medication During School Hours
210-AR-1 Use Of Medications
211 Student Accident Insurance
212 Reporting Pupil Progress
212-AR Procedures For Reporting Pupil Progress
213 Assessment Of Student Progress
213-AR Assessment Of Student Progress
214 Class Rank
214-AR Class Rank
215 K-8 Student Promotion And Retention
216 Student Records
216-AR Student Records
216-AR-1 Student Records - Annual Notice
216-AR-2 FERPA Fact Sheet
216-AR-3 Student Records Access Log
216-AR-4 Authorization For Disclosure Of Information
216-AR-5 Parent Notification/Permission Form
216.1 Supplemental Discipline Records
216.2 Special Education Student Records
217 Graduation Requirements
217 Attachment Application For Diploma
217-AR Graduation Requirements
218 Student Discipline
218-AR Student Misconduct In Cyberspace
218.1 Weapons
218.2  Terroristic Threats/Acts
218.2-AR Terroristic Threats/Acts
218.3 Metal Detection Systems
218.4 Gangs
218.4-AR Gang/Behavior Contract
219 Student Complaint Process
219-AR Student Complaint Form
220 Student Expression/Distribution And Posting Of Materials
220-AR Student Expression
Standardized Dress Grades K-12
221-AR Request For Assistance/Student Dress
221-AR-1 Standardized Student Dress
221-AR-2 Quick Reference Guide For Student Dress
221-AR-3 Standardized Dress - Grades K-12
222 Tobacco Use
223 Use Of Bicycles And Motor Vehicles
223-AR Use Of Bicycles And Motor Vehicles
224 Care Of School Property
224-AR Care Of School Property
226 Searches
226-AR Searches
226.1 Video Surveillance/Recordings
227 Controlled Substances/Paraphernalia
227 Attachment Reasonable Suspicion
227-AR Controlled Substances/Paraphernalia
228 Student Government
228-AR Student Government
229 Student Fundraising
229-AR Student Fundraising - Regulations Regarding Advertising For Solicitation
230 Public Performances By Students
231 Social Events
231-AR Social Events
232 Student Participation In School Affairs
232-AR Student Participation In School Affairs
233 Suspension And Expulsion
233-AR Suspension And Expulsion
234 Pregnant Students
234-AR Pregnant Students
235 Student Rights/Surveys
235-AR Student Rights/Surveys
236 Student Assistance Program (S.H.A.R.E.)
237 Communication Devices, Cellular Telephones, Pagers And Other Devices
237-AR Student Use Of Cell Phones
237-AR-1 Sexting
237-AR-2 Personal Mobile Electronic Devices In The School Setting
239 Foreign Exchange Students
Student Identification Cards
245-AR Student Identification Cards
246 Student Wellness
246 Attachment 1 Nutritional Standards For Competitive Foods
246 Attachment 2 Nutritional Standards Tables
247 Hazing
248 Unlawful Harassment
248 Attachment Report Form For Complaints Of Unlawful Harassment
248-AR Internal Investigations
249 Bullying
250 Student Recruitment
251 Homeless Students
300 Ethical Behavior Of School Administrators
301 Creating A Position
302 Employment Of Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent
303 Employment Of Administrators
303-AR Procedures For Recruitment, Screening, And Recommendation Of Administrative Employees
303.1 Nepotism
308 Employment Contract/Board Resolution
309 Assignment And Transfer
309-AR Assignment And Transfer
310 Abolishing A Position
311 Suspensions And Furloughs
311-AR Suspensions And Furloughs
312 Performance Assessment Of Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent
313 Evaluation Of Administrative Employees
313-AR Evaluation Of Administrative Employees
314 Physical Examination
314.1 HIV Infection
316 Nontenured Employees
317 Conduct/Disciplinary Procedures
319 Outside Activities
319.1 Integrity Protocol
319.1-AR Integrity Protocol
320 Freedom Of Speech In Nonschool Settings
321 Political Activities
322 Gifts
323 Tobacco Use
324 Personnel Files
324-AR Personnel Files
324.1 Confidential Information
325 Dress And Grooming
326 Complaint Policy
326-AR Internal Investigation
327 Management Team
328 Wage And Salary
331 Job Related Expenses
331-AR Job Related Expenses
333 Professional Growth Guidelines
334 Sick Leave
335 Family And Medical Leaves
335-AR The Family And Medical Leave Act
336 Personal Leave
337 Vacation
337.1 Military Leave
338 Sabbatical Leave
338.1 Compensated Professional Leaves
339 Uncompensated Leave
339.1 Child Bearing/Child Rearing Leave
346 Workers' Compensation
347 Workers' Compensation Transitional Return-To-Work Program
347-AR Workers' Compensation Transitional Return-To-Work Program
348 Unlawful Harassment
348 Attachment Report Form For Complaints Of Unlawful Harassment
348-AR Internal Investigations
351 Drug, Alcohol And Substance Abuse
351 Attachment Drug-Free Workplace
400 Ethical Behavior Of Professional Staff
400-AR Code Of Professional Practice And Conduct
401 Creating A Position
404 Employment Of Professional Employees
404-AR Procedures For Recruitment, Screening, And Recommendation Of Professional Employees
404.1 Nepotism
405 Employment Of Substitute Professional Employees
405-AR Employment Of Substitute Professional Employees
406 Employment Of Summer School Staff
406-AR Procedures For The Recruitment, Screening, And Recommendation Of Summer School Employees
407 Student Teachers/PDS Students/Interns/Student Observers
407-AR Student Teachers
408 Employment Contract
409 Assignment And Transfer
409-AR Assignment And Transfer
410 Abolishing A Position
411 Suspensions And Furloughs
411 Attachment Procedures For Termination/Suspension (Furlough) Of Professional Employees
412 Evaluation Of Professional Employees
412-AR Evaluation Of Professional Employees
413 Evaluation Of Temporary Professional Employees
413-AR Evaluation Of Temporary Professional Employees
414 Physical Examination
414.1 HIV Infection
416 Nontenured Staff Members
417 Conduct/Disciplinary Procedures
417-AR Employee Dismissals
418 Penalties For Tardiness
419 Outside Activities
419-AR Outside Activities
420 Freedom Of Speech In Noninstructional Settings
421 Political Activities
422 Gifts
423 Tobacco Use
424 Personnel Files
424-AR Personnel Files
424.1 Confidential Information
425 Dress And Grooming
425-AR Staff Dress
426 Complaint Policy
426-AR Internal Investigations
428 Salary Determination
429 Substitute Compensation
431 Job Related Expenses
431-AR Job Related Expenses
432 Working Periods
432-AR Working Periods
433 Professional Growth Guidelines
434 Sick Leave
435 Family And Medical Leaves
435-AR The Family And Medical Leave Act
436 Personal Necessity Leave
437.1 Military Leave
438 Sabbatical Leave
438.1 Compensated Professional Leaves
439 Uncompensated Leave
439.1 Child Bearing/Child Rearing Leave
440 Responsibility Of Staff For Student Welfare
440-AR Responsibility Of Staff For Student Welfare
442 Jury Duty
446 Workers' Compensation
447 Workers' Compensation Transitional Return-To-Work Program
447-AR Workers' Compensation Transitional Return-To-Work Program
448 Unlawful Harassment
448 Attachment Report Form For Complaints Of Unlawful Harassment
448-AR Internal Investigations
451 Drug And Substance Abuse
451 Attachment Drug-Free Workplace
500 Ethical Behavior Of Classified Employees
501 Creating A Position
504 Employment Of Classified Employees
504-AR Procedures For Recruitment, Screening, And Recommendation Of Support Staff Employees
504.1 Nepotism
505 Employment Of Substitute And Short-Term Employees
505-AR Procedures For Recruitment, Screening, Assigning And Evaluating Substitute And Short-Term Employees
508 Employment Contract
509 Assignment And Transfer
509-AR Assignment And Transfer
511 Suspensions And Furloughs
511-AR Suspensions And Furloughs
512 Evaluation Of Classified Employees
512-AR Evaluation Of Classified Employees
514 Physical Examination
514.1 HIV Infection
517 Conduct/Disciplinary Procedures
517-AR Employee Dismissals
518 Penalties For Tardiness
519 Outside Activities
519-AR Outside Activities
520 Freedom Of Speech In Noninstructional Settings
521 Political Activities
522 Gifts
523 Tobacco Use
524 Personnel Files
524-AR Personnel Files
524.1 Confidential Information
525 Dress And Grooming
525-AR Staff Dress
526 Complaint Policy
526-AR Internal Investigations
528 Wage And Salary Determination
529 Substitute Compensation
530 Overtime
531 Job Related Expenses
531-AR Job Related Expenses
532 Working Periods
532-AR Working Periods
533 Professional Growth Guidelines
534 Sick Leave
535 Family And Medical Leaves
535-AR The Family And Medical Leave Act
536 Personal Leave
537 Vacation
537.1 Military Leave
539 Uncompensated Leave
539.1 Child Bearing/Child Rearing Leave
540 Responsibility Of Staff For Student Welfare
540-AR Responsibility Of Staff For Student Welfare
541 Benefits For Regularly Employed Part-Time Personnel
542 Jury Duty
543 Paid Holidays
546 Workers' Compensation
547 Workers' Compensation Transitional Return-To-Work Program
547-AR Workers' Compensation Transitional Return-To-Work Program
548 Unlawful Harassment
548 Attachment Report Form For Complaints Of Unlawful Harassment
548-AR Internal Investigations
551 Drug And Substance Abuse
551 Attachment Drug-Free Workplace
601 Fiscal Objectives
601-AR Protocol To Ship Items From The School District
602 Budget Planning
603 Budget Preparation
604 Budget Adoption
605 Tax Levy
606 Tax Collection
607 Tuition Income
608 Bank Accounts
609 Investment Of District Funds
610 Purchases Subject To Bid/Quotation
611 Purchases Budgeted
612 Purchases Not Budgeted
613 Cooperative Purchasing
614 Payroll Authorization
615 Payroll Deductions
615.1 Tax-Sheltered Annuity Program
616 Payment Of Claims
617 Petty Cash
618 Student Activity/Special Purpose Funds
618-AR Procedures For Student Activity/Special Purpose Funds
619 District Audit - Public
621 Local Taxpayer Bill Of Rights
622 GASB Statement 34
623 Fund Balance
624 Contracts
625 Taxable Fringe Benefits
626 Federal Fiscal Compliance
626-AR Federal Fiscal Compliance
627 Credit Cards
701 Facilities Planning
701-AR Facilities Planning
701.1 Disposal Of School District Property
701.2 Naming/Renaming District Facilities
702 Gifts, Grants, Donations
703 Sanitary Management
703-AR Sanitary Management
704 Maintenance
704-AR Maintenance
705 Safety
705.1 Standard Operating Procedures For School District Policy Officers Authorized To Use Weapons
706 Property Records
707 Use Of School Facilities
707 Attachment Estimate For Use Of Facilities And Services
707-AR Procedures For The Use Of School Facilities
707-AR-1 Agreement For Usage/Rental Of School Facilities
707-AR-2 Instructions For Completing Agreement For Usage/Rental Of School Facilities
707-AR-3 Possible Fees For Use Of School District Facilities By SAOs for Banquets
708 Lending Of School Owned Equipment And Books
709 Building Access Security
Use Of Facilities By Staff
710-AR Use Of School District-Owned Cellular Phones
710-AR-1 Release Agreement For Faculty Use Of Facilities For The Purpose Of Physical Exercise
711 Parking And Traffic Enforcement
713 Tresspass And Disregard Of School Property
715 Use Of Electronic Communications
716 Integrated Pest Management
718 Service Animals In Schools
800 Records Management
800-AR Record Retention Matrix
801 Public Records
802 School Organization
803 School Calendar
803-AR School Year Start Dates For Students
804 School Day
804-AR School Day
805 Emergency Preparedness
806 Child/Student Abuse
806-AR Child Protection
807 Opening Exercises/Flag Displays
808 Food Services
808-AR Food Services
808.1 Free/Reduced-Price Meals And Free Milk
808.1-AR Free/Reduced-Price Meals And Free Milk
810 Transportation
810-AR Transportation Of Students On School-Sponsored Buses, Vans And Other Vehicles
810.1 Transportation Personnel - Drug And Alcohol Testing
810.1A Drug/Alcohol Testing - Covered Drivers (Contracted Drivers)
810.2 Transportation Video Monitoring
810.3 Bus/Vehicle Accident
810.3-AR Bus/Vehicle Accident
810.5 Vehicle Idling
811 Bonding
812 Property Insurance
813 Other Insurance
814 Copyright Materials
814-AR Copyright Materials
814-AR-1 Copyright Law Notice
814-AR-2 Fair Use Doctrine And Reproduction-Related Issues
814-AR-3 Copyright Permission
815 Acceptable Use Of Communications And Information (CIS) Systems
815-AR Administrative Regulations For The Use Of The School District E-Mail System
815-AR-1 Administrative Regulations For Safe And Responsible Blogging
815-AR-2 Acceptable Use Of Communications And Information Systems (CIS)
815-AR-3 Copyright Permission
816 District Website Development
817 Communication Devices, Cellular Telephones And Other Devices
817-AR Sexting
817-AR-1 Use Of Personal Computers/Electronic Devices In The School Setting
818 Contracted Services
818-AR Contracted Services
822 Automated External Defibrillator (AED)/Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
825 State Mandate Waivers
826 Privacy Of Medical Records (HIPAA)
826-AR Breach Of Unsecured PHI
826-AR-1 Marketing
826-AR-2 Use Of Authorizations
826-AR-3 Sales Of PHI And Electronic Health Records
826-AR-4 Requests For Restrictions On The Use And/Or Disclosure Of PHI
826-AR-5 Requests For Access To PHI
830 Breach Of Computerized Personal Information
845 Employee And Visitor I.D. Badges
901 Public Relations Objectives
902 Publications Program
902-AR Publications
903 Public Participation In Board Meetings
904 Public Attendance At School Events
904-AR Rules At School-Sponsored Events
904.1 Tobacco Use
905 Citizen Advisory Committees
906 Public Complaints
907 School Visitors
908 Relations With Parents/Guardians
909 Municipal Government Relations
910 Community Engagement
911 News Media Relations
912 Relations With Educational Institutions
913 Nonschool Organizations/Groups/Individuals
914 Relations With Intermediate Unit
School-Affiliated Organizations
915-AR-1 SAO Request For School District Assistance
916 School Volunteers
916-AR Volunteer Application
916-AR-1 School Volunteers
916-AR-2 Short-Term Volunteer Log
917 Parental/Family Involvement
918 Title I Parent Involvement
919 District/School Report Cards
929 Fund Raising
930 Advertising In Schools
931 Sponsorship In Schools
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