PSBA Staff Directory

PSBA's friendly and knowledgeable staff is always just a phone call or e-mail away.

Dial PSBA's main telephone (717) 506-2450 or (800) 932-0588, then the proper extension when prompted.

PSBA Executive Director's Office

The executive director and staff oversee the operations of the association and carry out the policy of the PSBA Board of Directors.

Nathan G. Mains. (x-3303), Executive Director

Christina Boone-Griffiths (x-3302), Chief of Staff

Teressa Serina (x-3420), Executive Assistant

Laura Huggins (x-3394), Director of Business Partner Development

Todd Hosterman (x-3351), Director of Planning, Research and Evaluation

Anne Herald (x- 3364), Senior Research Associate

Talent Development

Deidre Lenker (x-3305), Senior Director of Talent Development

John Bolling (x-3394 or 717- 770-2490), Talent Development Director

Lisa Hershey (x-3307), Benefits and Payroll Coordinator

Operations and Finance

Operations and Finance handles the internal operations of the association.

Craig Erdman (x- 3380), Assistant Executive Director of Operations and Finance

Karen Gill (x-3384), Administrative Assistant

Mickey Lerew (x-3385), Office Service Center Coordinator

Richard Rabuck (x-3397), Facilities Maintenance Technician

Debra Smith (x-3312), Bookkeeper

Diann Stoneroad (x-3418), Bookkeeper

Debbie Whitmoyer (x-4451), Director of Business Operations

Patricia Wooten (x-3392), Receptionist


Publications, public relations, marketing and the PSBA website are under the direction of Communications.

Steve Robinson (x-3315), Senior Director of Communications

Lisa Baldwin (x-3318), Senior Graphic Designer

Diana Dietz (x-3309), Public Relations and Editorial Manager

Jody Wetmore Grab (x-4487), Website and Social Media Manager

Lucas Mace (x-3386), Multimedia Supervisor and Graphic Designer

Government Affairs

Government Affairs monitors legislation, testifies and arranges testimony for members before legislative hearings and ensures that PSBA's voice is heard before decision-makers in state government.

John Callahan (x-3337), Senior Director of Government Affairs

Sean Crampsie (x-3321), Administrative Assistant

Cynthia L. Eckerd (x-3319), Legislative Information Director

Angela Garcia (x-3435), Advocacy Programs Coordinator

Ashley Lenker White (x-3316), Government Affairs Director

Sean A. Fields Esq. (x-3348), Deputy General Counsel, Government Affairs

Information Technology

James (Jim) Scheirer (x-3372), Senior Director of Information Technology

Joe Curtis (x-3438), Systems Engineer

Scott Houser (x-4435), Systems Specialist

John Kuhn (x-3415), Systems Architect

David Schmidt (x-3399), Senior Systems Analyst

Jake Zies (x-3317), System Specialist

Insurance Services

Various insurance products are available to member school entities through the PSBA Insurance Trust, School Claims Service, LLC, and School Boards Insurance Company.

Roy E. Jacobs III (x-4447), Senior Director of Insurance Services


Kerstin Guise (x-4452), Administrative Assistant, SBS

Carolann Helfrick (x-4465), Office Manager, SBS

Alice Hughes (x-3320), Administrative Assistant, SBS

Patrick Beaty (x-4450), General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, SBS

Cindy Machusak (x-4464), Compliance Specialist, SBS

Information Technology

Judy Anderson (x-4467), Business Analyst, SBS

Monica Jacobs (x-3341), Senior Systems Analyst, SBS

Mary Love (x-4456), Senior Business Analyst, SBS

Jason Marshall (x-3431), Senior Application Database Administrator, SBS

Steve Snyder (x-4457), Director of Project Management, SBS


Sheryl Simmons (x-4460), Chief Financial Officer, SBS

Roger Day (x-4441), Senior Accountant, SBS

Dana Ecker (x-4448), Bookkeeper, SBS

Patricia Smith Edgin (x-4462), Finance Manager, SBS

Lynn McKinney, (x-4437), Senior Accountant, SBS

Billie Morgan (x-4443), Accounts Receivable Representative, SBS

Jillene Paukert (x-, 4436), Accounting Assistant, SBS

Christine Rodman (x-4463), Data Management Specialist, SBS

Marianne Rosenberger (x-4461), Bookkeeper, SBS

George Weaver (x-4442), Accounts Receivable/Payable Supervisor, SBS


Kasey Baker (x-4449), Manager of Broker Relations and Distribution, SBS

Leslie Bootay (x-4453), Manager of Insurance Marketing and Communications, SBS

Sean Sabol (x-4468), Broker Relations and Distribution Representative, SBS


Matthew Andrews (x-4438), Underwriting Manager, SBS

Ellen Conrad (x-4446), Underwriting Assistant, SBS

Bruce Coulson (x-4454), Multiline Producation Underwriter, SBS

Megan Holloway (x-4469), Administrative Assistant, SBS

Legal Services

A staff of attorneys answer member questions on legal issues pertaining to public education, file amicus briefs on behalf of schools and offer a number of other legal services to school entities and their solicitors.

Stuart Knade Esq. (x-3377), General Counsel

Emily Leader Esq. (x-3378), Senior Deputy General Counsel

Member Services

Member Services offers many products, services and training opportunities to member school entities. Administrator searches, policy development, research, and workshops and training are just some of the services available.

Lin Carpenter (x-3304), Assistant Executive Director of Member Services

Katherine Fitz-Patrick (x-3414), Deputy General Counsel, Member Services

Deborah Harrington (x-3326), Administrative Assistant

Education and Training

Cindy Pace (x-3332), Senior Director of Education and Training

Brenda Askey (x-3314), Training Coordinator

Janet McNally (x-3311), Program Director

Pamela M. Price (x- 3340), Senior Program Director

Member Relations

Karen L. Devine (x- 3322), Director of Member Relations

Sherri Houck (x-3360), Member Services Specialist

Zachary Pearce (x-3353), Member Relations Coordinator, East

Anthony Piscioneri (x-3393), Member Relations Coordinator, West

Policy Services

Davelyn Smeltzer (x-3357), Director of Policy

Andrew Christ (x-3368), Policy Consultant

Kristin Ehrhart (x-3410), Policy Specialist

Elizabeth Flood (x-3427), Policy Specialist

Kimberly Frischkorn (x-3356), Policy Specialist

Heather Masshardt (x-3401), Policy Consultant

Tammy Medellin (x-3366), Policy Specialist

Adele Mixell (x- 3358), Policy Specialist

Beth Mumper (x-3428), Policy Specialist

Peg Nailor (ext. 3411) Policy Specialist

School Services

Britta Barrickman(x-3369), Director of School Services

Michelle Kunkel (x-3365), Administrative Assistant

Wayne LeClair (x-3375 ), Senior School Services Consultant